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Analysis of Fram Skandinavien

Fram Skandinavien was founded in 2014 by Christopher Beselin and Max Bergman and it is a venture builder focused on Vietnam.  The business is conducted on the basis of two business areas: Standing Teams and Venture Building.  Standing Teams develops IT-systems for clients such as Samsung for example and it is currently the business area with the highest revenue and it is also profitable. The fastest growing business area is Venture Building which is the part of the company that starts and builds new technology companies with proven business models. Here are some examples of the company’s ventures: WowMelo: A "pay later" model for online shoppers to seamlessly delay their payment for up to 14 days within the date of the e-commerce order placement.  DragonLend: An online lending platform that helps small and medium sized companies in Vietnam get access to the finance they need. Carmudi Vietnam: A leading car classifieds site in Vietnam. SmartBuddy Vietnam: